Hi, I am Ramiro

In 2008 I purchased my first “professional” camera in hopes of capturing special moments that were going on around me. It wasn’t until the following year that I fell in love with photography when I took a black and white film photography course. I was deeply immersed in everything photography that I caught the attention of my professor who convinced me to pursue photography rather than the graphic design degree I was pursuing. I decided to do both. Everything I learned in graphic design, I applied to photography and developed my own unique style that landed me an internship at Michael Carr Photography and Terry Halsey Studios, both very successful wedding and commercial photography studios. For the following years I continued shooting weddings, quinseaneras, events, portraits and other projects until I decided to move to New York City to learn more about the art. I was shooting events with Brett =====, weddings with Jaquine -===- and was going through the streets of New York photographing the beautiful city. 

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